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Shaykh Yousuf Rassool


      Shaykh Yousuf Rassool relocated from South Africa at an early age. He was inspired and determined to the seek knowledge he so craved. In 2006, he completed his Hifdh at Darul Uloom Madania, a well known seminary of Northern America. It was here that his curiosity and passion for the Islamic Sciences was satisfied. He went on to study these foundational sciences under the supervision of renowned scholars such as of Shaykh Ibrahim Madani, Shaykh AbdulMueez, Shaykh Hussain Memon, as well as, Shaykh Mansur Memon. He attained his Alimiyyah degree in 2013, completing the Sihah Sitta along with a certification in all of the Islamic Sciences from Darul Uloom Canada, Chatham.  
      Shaykh Yousuf has earned a reputation serving the community for the past several years teaching classes locally, and delivering sermons at various Masajid in the Greater Houston area. He is currently Head of the Tahfidh-Ul-Quran program at BHA-Houston, and is the Arabic and Islamic studies Instructor for the Upper Grades.

Ustadh Fahad Tasleem


      Fahad Tasleem serves as the Head of US Outreach for iERA (the Islamic Education & Research Academy). He is also the founder of DC Seminary, an institute focused on spiritually empowering working professionals, graduates & college students.  His diverse study & research interests include Qur’anic Studies, Dawah, Islamic & Comparative Theology, Behavioral Economics, Economic History, and Arabic Linguistics.  Fahad holds a bachelors in Economics from Michigan State University and a Masters in Business Taxation from the University of Southern California.  He studied Arabic at Georgetown University and is currently studying in the graduate program in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin with a focus on Islamic Theology.

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